Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) What type of scripts do these video tutorials show?

Ans: CGI / Perl & PHP scripts


Q2) What type of control panel is used for these video tutorials?

Ans: Cpanel ( Many web hosting companies offer Cpanel as it is the most popular type of web hosting control panel being used today. Eg: &


Q3) Do you guarantee that I can install any type of scripts by watching these videos?

Ans: No, there isn't any guarantee you can do the same. But we do guarantee that all the installations shown in the tutorials work properly once they're installed. So anyone who is able to follow these tutorials exactly the way they're installed should be able to install the scripts.

Currently there are 5 different scripts being shown. These scripts have different installation work nature. Some require more work than others. That is the reason why we need to show installations from different scripts.


Q4) How do we watch the videos?

Ans: Once you have purchased the product, you will be given an ebook to download. From within the ebook itself, you will download all the video files to your computer.


Q5) To use this product, are there any requirements?

Ans: Yes, the ebook will work only on Windows operating system.

The videos are created in Flash format, which means they play on all computers since they are viewed within your web browser. If you have any problems viewing, please visit these links:

Q6) I have more questions to ask you. How do I contact you?

Ans: Just go to and open a support ticket.