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WP Site Chat
If you are not allowing your visitors to communicate with you in real time, you are leaving money on the table... Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats To Your Site That Will Send Your Conversions Through The Roof! read more »» add to cart »»
WP Launch Machine
FREE DEVELOPER LICENSE - Get Your Hands Onto A Breakthrough WP Plugin That Will Allow You To Quickly Set Up A Brand New WordPress Site And Get It “Up And Running” In Less Than 30 Seconds! You can easily specify or select the pages that you need or even add other pages that you already have... for example: About Me pages, Legal pages, and much more. You can install and activate the plugins together, and also add or erase the WordPress default posts, categories, etc. This plugin is the right thing for you if you want to install WordPress with complete features in just a few minutes. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Engage+ Plugin
WP Engage + is a fantastic and useful WP plugin that will only take you seconds to install and use; and it will enable you to create engaging polls and surveys. You can basically create these polls and surveys into any page or post on your WP - quickly and easily. Basically, this wonderful tool will allow you to understand what your visitors are thinking about your blog and, as you might know, this is the "formula" to success. When you understand what your visitors want, it doesn't take much to start seeing better results with your blog. The beauty of WP ENGAGE+ is that you can set a direct link into each survey or poll, so that your visitor will be directed to different pages depending on what they answered in the poll. I think you have to agree that this is a VERY powerful way to drive MORE traffic to any offer or website! read more »» add to cart »»
WP Page Take Over Plugin
WP Page Takeover is a wonderful and powerful plugin that will allow you to promote any kind of product or even service, and put it right in front of your visitors while they are ANY page of your WP blog! With this incredibly useful and profitable WP plugin you can create an entire Promo Page or even promo widgets to any normal WP page or post. - We are talking about jaw dropping attention grabbing elements & effects with just a few clicks of the mouse. Basically, with just a few clicks you will be able to hijack your visitor's attention instantly, and also create instant awareness of your products, affiliate offers, or even services! read more »» add to cart »»
WP Image Plus Plugin w/Free Developer License
Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From The Admin Area Of Your Wordpress Site... ....So That You'll Never Have To Worry About Paying For Images Again! You just fire up your WP dashboard, select your desired images, edit them and, finally, publish them with just a single click of your mouse... read more »» add to cart »»
WP Support Desk
Let's face the facts: if you are still using a email address to provide support to your clients and visitors, your reputation is in jeopardy. These days around 70% of all email traversing the internet is SPAM. This means there is a HUGE chance of important communications from your clients getting caught up in a filter along it's way to you. What this means is lost clients and a big chance prospects email will never arrive in your inbox! read more »» add to cart »»
Local Webmaster Machine
Brand New Wordpress Auto-Install Tool Allows You To Set Up FAST, FULLY FUNCTIONING Wordpress Sites For Any Business, In Any Niche, In 10 Minutes Or Less With Drop Dead Ease! - It's NOT Just A Wordpress Installer - In Just 10 Minutes You Can Have a COMPLETE WP Site Set-Up With Pre-Configured Settings, Theme, Plugins & More! read more »» add to cart »»
Responsive Theme Machine
If the dreadfully, unremarkable Default TwentyTwelve Theme has had you wading through pages and pages of Premium themes demanding $60-$200 a pop.. just so you can make mobile responsive Wordpress sites.. .. You owe it to yourself to give this LOW COST new software a spin... read more »» add to cart »»
WP Mobile Theme Machine
There is no more ignoring the facts.. more and more authorities on business are advising, as well as irrefutable statistics PROVE that providing a mobile friendly experience for visitors to a business's website is VITAL to the PROFITABILITY and FUTURE of the business. Google's advice: Create a fast mobile site with big buttons and text, keep steps to complete tasks to a minimum. Unlike most ready-made, graphics dependant WP mobile themes.. the mobile themes this software creates are fast & easy to customise with a few clicks and fill-in-the-blanks ease.. and with less graphics.. they load faster too.. read more »» add to cart »»
Mobile Site Machine
This software is EXTREMELY easy to use. Start by filling in the blanks with the company information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) Then pick the colours you want (you'll see how to quickly and easily match your client's normal site colour scheme). Then all you do is copy the content from the normal site that you want to be in the mobile site and paste it into the software when prompted. The software will create up to ten mobile optimised pages for the content you are copying & pasting.. PLUS a "Contact Us" page and "Find Us" page integrated with Google Maps are generated automatically. Once the software has created the mobile site.. you just upload it and you're done! read more »» add to cart »»
Opt-In Funnel Machine
Opt-In Funnel Machine - This brand new push-button software will create your ENTIRE Opt-In Funnel for you in just a few short minutes... pages, images automatic redirect and all! You can use this SINGLE SOFTWARE APP to create your ENTIRE Opt-In Funnel complete with a squeeze page, a thankyou page, an automatic redirect to a paid offer or OTO, a download page.. images.. and sales copy.. ALL IN ONE GO! read more »» add to cart »»
WpMobiBiz Mobile Optimized WP Themes
These themes are mobile website ready and are built for use with Wordpress blogs… There’s also detailed video tutorials included that will walk you through setting up mobile sites with these themes… which means.. in LESS than 30 minutes from now.. you will be able to create mobile websites on demand… cool eh? We’ll also throw in some nifty little plugins that enhances the themes straight away. You’ll get a "Click And Call" plugin, a "Contact Form" plugin, a "Wordpress Google Maps" plugin and a "QR Code Generator" plugin as well… read more »» add to cart »»
WP Contact Pro
Building a list from scratch is getting increasingly difficult. It's getting harder to convince people to enter their name & email address into a standard opt-in form... However... This new WP Plugin makes it easy to collect the email address of everyone who contacts you via your WP Blog Contact Form. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Tagz Generator Plugin
Sell The Power Of QR Codes To Offline Clients, Online Customers, Or Use The Auto-List Building Feature To Build A MASSIVE List Over Night! Close 87% Of Offline Clients Instantly... Or Give The Plugin Away To Use The Auto-Lead Capture Feature. read more »» add to cart »»
High Power Opt-In Form Machine
Increase Opt-Ins By 50%-67% With Just ONE Small Change To Your Squeeze Page.. Using This Drop Dead Easy To Use Software. Just run the desktop software, enter in a few details about your list from your auto-responder account and you have an instant "High Power Opt-In Form" that has proven to increase opt-ins by around 50%! The "High Power Opt-in Form Machine" software works with Aweber, GetResponse, Parabots v1, eBizAC, Imnicamail, iContact and TrafficWave auto-responders. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Auto Links
Need Your Own Quality Product To Sell? How About A Custom Wordpress Plugin That Can Help ANY Newbie Monetize Their Blog In 30 Seconds. ...Full Resell Rights And Bonus Sales Page Make This A Complete Business In A Box •Full Private Label Rights •Completely Brandable Wordpress Plugin •Create Affiliate Links On EVERY Blog Page Instantly •Change The Affiliate Links Instantly •No Coding Needed read more »» add to cart »»
WP Exit Redirect
Put An Exit Redirect On ANY Page Or Post Of Your Wordpress Blog With This New Plugin... Set The Exit Pop To Appear On The Page Or Post You Want... >>> FREE DOWNLOAD <<< read more »» add to cart »»
Spin Master Pro
Revolutionary Software Suite almost instantly helps you create unique articles, so you get better search engine rankings, more site visitors... and make more money. Whether you write articles yourself or use PLR content to fill out your sites and blogs this software is going to make a massive difference to you. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Optimum Squeeze
wpOptimum Squeeze is a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages and opt-in popups all through a simple point and click interface. There is no tweaking of the WordPress code to get your page templates to work and you don't have to know anything about PHP. You can even customize your squeeze items with little or no knowledge of HTML or CSS - the easy customization screens make it a cinch. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Redirect Bot
One of the biggest problems affiliate marketers have is that when many people see an affiliate link to shy away from clicking it or they strip away the affiliate portion of the link. A Simple 2-Minute Auto-Installation Process Is All It Takes to Protect Your Commissions and Have More SEO Friendly and Managable Blogs. read more »» add to cart »»
Affiliate Zip!
Affiliate ZIP! WP Plugin was specifically designed with the needs of internet marketers in mind. It works for any digital product that can be sold through PayPal. Now you don't need an expensive, complicated script to offer INSTANT commissions to affiliates! WordPress is known for its "5 minute install" and installing Affiliate ZIP! is a cinch. Easy to Maintain. Easy to Add Content - including new sales or review pages. Super SEO Friendly - Google and Yahoo really LOVE WordPress. Easy to Customize - both visually with WordPress themes and functionally with WordPress plugins. read more »» add to cart »»
Wordpress Ticker
Boost Your Blog Income With This Amazing New WordPress Plugin "Advertising without annoying your blog visitors with WP Ticker Plugin!" Easy to use WordPress plugin adds news ticker style ads to your blog. Just insert your affiliate links! Easily change the font family and size, affiliate link seperator, background, border and font colour with just a few clicks. read more »» add to cart »»
WP Sales Automator
WordPress Plugin That Automates Your Product & Membership Sales! Create your payment buttons on the fly when adding a post or page, control the subscription secure access to specific categories, posts and pages or product sales download files and also emails the customer automatically after payment is received with the download details. Provide teaser content to non-paying subscription members, protect product files with expiring download links and more... read more »» add to cart »»
WP Corner Peel Plugin
What it does is create a really cool looking page peel effect in the top right hand corner of your blog. This draws the eye and compels people to click it. When they click to see what it is, they're directed to a new page and you make your offer. Now all you have to do is put in a small amount of effort to create your ad and then watch your site visitors click it... read more »» add to cart »»
Wordpress Digital Product Demon
Finally!... A Fully Automated Sales, Thank You, And Digital Download Delivery System For Wordpress! Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal account, Supports multiple products in a single ClickBank Account, Automatically cloaks your affiliate links, Protects your Download Pages, Protects your Download Links, Hides your digital product's actual URL, Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons... read more »» add to cart »»
WP One Time Offer Manager
Wordpress One-Time-Offer Manager Make More Money Online With a Simple But Powerful Tool! Thousands of Internet Business Owners Use This Technique To Increase Their Conversions by as much as 500%... read more »» add to cart »»
Wordpress PayPal Button Generator
WordPress is so easy to use and had become the most powerful sales platform in the industry, but it was not designed to do everything we are asking of it. That is where plugins like "Paypal Button Generator" comes to the rescue! Just imagine being able to use your mouse to make a few clicks and setup a shopping cart or a simple buy now Paypal button inside WordPress. It really is that simple read more »» add to cart »»
My Keyword Crook
"Save Time Building Keyword Lists for your Next Niche Website By Leveraging The Effort Of Your Competitors - Without Spending a Dime" Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden in The Massive Piles of Keywords on the Internet -- Yours FREE For The Taking Without Permission or Paying a Dime in Fees... read more »» add to cart »»
Auto Blog Feeder
How Would You Like To Build The Biggest Blog In Your Niche With 3 Simple Clicks Of Your Mouse, Just One Time? Do you dread creating content for your blog? Does blogging seem like more of a laborious chore than you ever imagined it would be? Would you like an easy way to fill up your blog with content on auto-pilot that you don't even have to write? Maybe you'd like a tool that could automate and post all of your content on a schedule that YOU choose! You're about to discover a very powerful and brand new breakthrough in blogging technology that can do just that! read more »» add to cart »»
Article Ideas Software
Need to Cut Down Your Research Time for Writing Articles? "Article Ideas" - A Push Button Solution! This tool not only visits the first top 100 Google results for you, it doesn't waste your time with pieces of text with strictly commercial intent. It gives you relevant information, the meat. You just read that and write your article in your own words, or even copy pieces of text (copying one sentence from one site is not considered stealing content). read more »» add to cart »»
A feature rich email management/autoresponder system for installation on your own server/hosting account. read more »» add to cart »»
The Ultimate JV & Affiliate Management Shopping Cart Product Delivery Script Ever! read more »» add to cart »»
EZY PayPal IPN Protection Generator
This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes For PayPal IPN And Handling SECURE Downloads! read more »» add to cart »»
Exit Traffic Negotiator With MRR
Convert More Visitors Via Time Tested "Negotiation" Tactics That Suck In More Customers With No Additional Traffic! read more »» add to cart »»
Follow-Up Email Creator
- Create a series of 3, 7, 14 or 21 email follow up messages in minutes without coming up with any NEW content of your own! - Create follow up emails for any product or service regardless of the niche! - Relax your mind knowing that each email follow up message you create will be unique to your product. Your product's existing sales letter is what makes each follow up message unique starting with the subject of each email! - Create, save, retrieve and update any follow up email series in minutes! - ... and much more! read more »» add to cart »»
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